Gym Console the workout tracker for hackers and data driven people

The workout tracker that provides two crucial features: Get out of your way while working out and deliver any statistic you can think of as a result.

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Workout tracking that feels like taking notes

When you want to track your exercises, you don't want to select multiple checkboxes and scroll to random weight amounts. You just want to note down what you did.

  • Natural language

    Just track your sets the way you want. A set normally is made up of an exercise name, weight and reps. How you want to write it down is up to you.

  • Custom schemes

    You can define custom tracking schemes for your exercises. Do you note your exercises this way? 5 squats 220lbs. No problem, just define a custom scheme.

  • Smart workout detection

    No need to add dates and other stuff to your tracking. Gym console automatically detects based on time, which exercises belong to a workout session and groups them together. So you have no overhead in your workout tracking. You really only track your sets and have all the metadata available too.

Log custom metrics

Feed gym console with any kind of metrics to make it the ultimate analytics suite

  • Log any metric

    With gymconsole you can log any metric you want. Really anything! Calories, sleeptimes, mood, hours of netflix watched, outfit worn... Everything is possible.

  • Custom schemes for metrics

    You can log anything and you can log it the way you want. Log your weight by typing 'weight 80kg' or with '172 lbs'. It's really up to you.


Analytics unleash the true power of gym console. What's worth all the data when you can't put it in relation? Gym console can give you absolutely every single statistic you might be interested in.

  • Relations

    How does my sleep time affect the max weight I can bench press? How am I feeling on days I ate more than 3000kcal? Is there really a performance improvement since I use this new supplement? Gym console can put all of yor logged metrics in relation.

  • Visualisation

    By seeing your data in beautiful graphs you see weaknesses and potential solutions with one single view

Why I built Gym console

Hi I'm Ralf! I love fitness and I love data! Whenever I hit the gym, I keep track of every single rep I perform because I like to have detailed statistics about as much stuff as possible. I tried countless workout tracking apps, but not a single one was feasible in any way.
Most of the fitness apps out there are overloaded with features but lacking core functionality.
I just want to track my workouts the way I want. The rest of the time the app should stay out of my way.

After collecting all the data, the nerd in me gets active. I want to have analytics about my workouts. Most apps deliver basic stats such as weight progressions. But I need more. I want to know on what time I'm the strongest, If I perform better after eating something and how increasing my rep count affected my performance.

I couldn't find an app that deliverd this, so I started creating it on my own. It had to be easy to use and deliver almost any analytics you can imagine.

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